You Need a New Engagement Model and Adobe Just Revealed It

Social Media Intelligence Report by Adobe Q1, 2014

In a world where everyone lives on their mobile phones or on social networks, the big dilemma facing many companies is how to get in front of potential customers. An average online user, which typically means 80% of all 18-35 year-olds, gets anywhere from 50 emails upwards per day.

All these people only have 24 hours in a day. They have to decide what to read and what to discard.

Their email-opening radars have gotten way higher………… and getting sharper.

You simply cannot win the war on attention by doing the same things that everyone – Coca Cola, Safaricom, Orange, OLX – is doing. They are going to beat you in the game because they have more money, more skills, more patience, and more creativity, than you could ever have.

So what can you do?

You need a strategy that no one is using but works wonders and it starts with research.

What Research Says

According to the latest social intelligence report by Adobe, video engagement was up 25% and video play growth saw a 785% increase over last year.

Social Engagement

What does this mean?

Video is growing at an alarming rate. More people are not only commenting, liking, and sharing web video, but they are actually opening and watching video.

This is big.

If you have an email opening rate of 1%, you are considered successful. But look at video. It’s blowing the charts with 785% increased engagement!

Images are also highly popular and continue to get the highest engagement. According to another report by HubSpot, photos on Facebook Pages receive 53% more Likes than the average post.

This is a huge opportunity as it emphasizes the need for businesses to use photos and images in order to increase their Facebook Likes and comments.

Facebook even allows users to include photos as part of comments because of how powerful they are.

What All This Means for Your Business

If you are conscious of the need to increase engagement and traffic to your Facebook pages and websites, you need to consider adding more visuals to your marketing efforts.

Here is what experts recommend:

1.  Add high-quality, engaging images in your content. These are not the images you shoot with your mobile phone, but ones shot with a professional high-quality DSLR. These images allow the subject to be clearly placed in focus with the background creatively out of focus.

2.  Hire a visual content creator. This is someone who has visual skills to edit your photos, craft engaging comments on top of the images, and source for visual content across the web and personalize it to your business.

3.  Create engaging videos. This could be anything from shooting a behind-the-scenes look video to snappy how-to videos. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video is worth 1,000,000. Actually according to research, a video is actually worth 1.8 million words. That is why people love sharing videos on social media. Videos don’t need to be expensive, but they need to done professionally for best results.

If these statistics are anything to go by, then the effectiveness of your engagement will depend on how visually enriching your online presence will be moving forward.

By David Gitonga
E-LABZ – Offering online video and photography services

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