Workshop: Wedding Photography with Ben Kiruthi

Me and Ben

Leonardo da Vinci once said that “learning never exhausts the mind.” I had an opportunity to do exactly that on the 18-19th September 2014 at Kingdom Gardens, Muthaiga, with the leading wedding photographer in Kenya, Ben Kiruthi.

It was fun and exciting and an opportunity to meet up with many other photographers trying to break into the wedding photography niche. It was also humbling to have someone like Ben take the time out of his busy schedule to train and help us improve on our craft.

Day 1

On the first day, we learned the value of story telling. Ben emphasized this by giving us experiences from his shoots and highlighted the importance of photo-journalism in telling a great wedding story. I learned the art of being invisible, caring for the story, the importance of listening, looking, and being attentive. There is a story in every wedding and as a wedding photographer, it’s up to you to look for that story.

“Money always follows passion” – Ben Kiruthi

At the end of the day, we had a model bride and groom show up and I got to learn how to light the talent, pose them, focus, recompose, and shoot.  The shoot lasted late into the night.

Day 2

On the second day, we covered various aspects of a wedding shoot such as the ceremony, the procession, the recession, the creative session, the reception, and sunset portraits. We also covered the business side of wedding photography where we learned how to pitch, come up with contracts, the equipment and gear, and how to set and run a wedding photography blog.

We also learned how to edit the photos we shot the previous day using Lightroom.

The Team

According to Confucius, “You cannot open a book without learning something” and this is exactly what I did. I attended the workshop and went away having learned a lot about photography. I look forward to using what I learned at the workshop to improve my shots and make a difference.

The Trainer and trainees


David Gitonga



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