VIDEO: Steve McQueen – Stagnant

Camera movements can greatly enhance the look and quality of your shots. However, with so much emphasis on camera movements these days, it is easy to forget that static shots can also be a powerful way of telling a story. Rather than insisting on employing, or saturating, a film with lavish, complex, slow dolly or handheld movements, why not simply leave the camera be?

As you check out the video below, notice how these static shots all one to fully absorb the moment. These shots are especially great when you need to help viewers absorb gruesome struggles and extreme distress of the character. McQueen often lingers  on these moments for extended periods of time leaving the camera motionless. Viewers cannot escape the moment and are forced to endure every second of it, and feel the intensity, pain, anger, or frustration of the character.





David Gitonga





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