Video: Mums Learn How to Cook Pilau and Bake a Cake

This event was shot at Githurai 44. The location had to be changed that morning and I had a small room to do the shoot and still get the atmosphere of the training.  This was a low-budget shoot so I had to improvise and work with whatever could be accommodated in that little space.

I was also careful not to get in the way of the trainer and the trainees.  It was necessary to ensure the shots were tasty and avoid getting too close to people’s faces, especially during mealtimes.

Check out the pics (The video is further down the page).


She smiles as the trainer cracks a joke


The baby got a lot of attention



The food was delightfully delicious!


Eating away

Posing with the cake at hand


Everyone was excited


The neighborhood



The women who attended the training event


Cooking utensils






The Neighborhood of Githurai 44



Preparing the salad



Looking on attentively

Here is the video:

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