VIDEO: Katy Perry “Wide Awake” Behind-the-scenes

I have always loved the Katy Perry song and video for “Wide Awake.” The song is not only great but so are the scenes, the camera movements, and the color grading that was done in the final cut. I love me a good music video and true to my nature, I dug up for the behind-the-scenes video………. and found it.

The video was directed by the French director, Tony T Datis. Tony has shot music videos for Skrillex and his work on Wide Awake was nothing less of exceptional.

One of the challenges of the video was that it was done in 3D.  The video employed a process called depth balancing where it was used during the quick shot transitions in the video.  Since there are many objects not at the same depth that need to hand off from one shot to the next,  it was necessary to move things in space to guide the eye smoothly from one object to the next.

The video includes a young Katy Perry, a detailed dark labyrinth, and plenty of props. While Katy Perry is much more feminine in this video than from her last piece, Part of Me, it’s pretty much the same Perry you are used to.

The video shoot took 3 days. Take a look at the behind-the-scenes footage below where Katy takes us through the shooting process.


David Gitonga



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