An Evening with Liz Gilbert

Pro Photography Session

I had the privilege of attending an evening with the renowned international photographer, Liz Gilbert, at PAWA254.

The place was packed with upcoming and aspiring photographers and Liz was on hand to answer questions and provide her own insights into her 23-year journey as a photographer.



It was a wonderful experience to be in company with Liz whose work has appeared on TIME, Newsweek, and other popular publications. Her work has also been featured across many museums across the world.




Liz has two books under her belt and a documentary feature film entitled “The Last Safari.” This is Liz’s attempt to go back to the communities that she had visited 10 years earlier and show them the pictures she took.





Liz’s quote from the talk

Her experience and her interest in growing young talent was evident in her voice and her enthusiasm to contribute 

Hopefully, she will continue to inspire and motivate us to keep doing what we love to do.


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