Aerial Silk Aerobics meets Interpretive Dance

Andrea and Joanne in a choreographed dance

What does aerial silk aerobics and interpretive dance have in common?

At first glance the quick answer is ‘nothing much!’ but when we shot  Joanne Ball-Burgess and Andrea Hartley’s choreography at the Mom3entum Fitness Gym on Muguga Green, Brookside this past Friday, the answer is… being on the ground isn’t a dance requirement!

If you’ve never watched aerial silk aerobics live in session then you’d be in awe at how a human being can manoeuvre silk and remain airborne for more than 30 minutes take after take. That and how a mother of three, yogi, dancer and former Sakata judge still dances better than you wish you could.

Damian Marley’s R.O.A.R blared on the portable speaker while David Gitonga, founder of E-Labz, worked his magic behind the camera trying to capture the magic from various angles- a difficult task given that the dancing was… well, dancing, and there was a lot of movement both on the ground with Joanne and having Andrea between two silk fabrics above her.

Here at E-Labz we pride ourselves in creating unique digital content while working on fun projects and this was definitely one of those. It’s safe to go ahead and copyright our bragging rights on being the first Kenyan content marketing company to capture this sort of collaboration, yes?

To work with Joanne, feel free to inbox her via Facebook on Judge Jo1. If you’re interested in learning more about or attending an aerial silk class with Andrea, find her on AER Africa on Facebook. The Mom3ntum Fitness Gym will be opening soon but in the meantime you can check out The Momentum Coffee Bar where we did an interview with Joanne earlier that afternoon. Serene is the word that best describes it, definitely worth the visit.

Videos will be coming out soon on our socials so stay tuned!


Maureen Wambaire is a social media manager and blogger at E-LABZ.  Branding is her thing, helping clients showcase their best as they share their stories with the world. Her twitter handle is @wambairem or reach her via email at

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Creating Local Video Content with Mobile in Mind

A recent ComScore report has, for the first time, shown that mobile device users have exceeded the amount of users who exclusively use desktop computers. The report shows March 2015 as the month when this shift of Internet usage took place.

For the past few years now, the rise of mobile has been well documented and its immense popularity took a major turn last year (2014), when app usage surpassed desktop usage, signaling a change in how online content was being consumed.  Just a year ago, the percent of desktop-only Internet users was nearly twice (19.1%) that of mobile-only users (10.6%).  This report shows just how big of an impact mobile is going to become.

Digital video is also being affected by this shift towards mobile with mobile video viewing on the rise. Slightly below half of smartphone and tablet users watch video on their devices, with about 1 in 10 doing so daily.

YouTube remains the #1 online video destination, with 159.5 million desktop viewers in December, 2014. The popularity of professionally and semi-professionally produced content on YouTube Channels continues to drive engagement on the platform, with VEVO ranking as the #1 channel with 44.2 million viewers, followed by Disney/Maker Studios (42.6 million) and Fullscreen (36.9 million). VEVO also led the Top 10 YouTube Channels with 15 videos watched per viewer in December 2014.


There is no doubt that these U.S. statistics are a reflection of the bigger picture in other parts of the world including right here in Kenya. The local trend has been one of mobile-first where more and more people are accessing the Internet with smartphones. We are seeing major players like Safaricom offering cheap and affordable smartphones and tablets, some of which are going for less than Kshs. 10,000.

Having this ‘mobile-centric’ approach when creating online visual content will help one better target the market in order to get the best returns.

Here at E-LABZ, we aim to do exactly that – study the market trends and see what works best for our clients when it comes to creating online visual content that gets the most bang for our clients’ buck.

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