Sandal Making at a Park

A Complete Sandal made during the training

I was on hand to cover a women training event at the Nairobi Memorial Park. It was a vocational training event where about 6 women had come to be taught the art of sandal making.

Learning how to make sandals

Learning how to needle




The surroundings were tranquil and calm and the women on hand were eager and willing to spend the day to get some needed skill sets.

Women who participated in the training including the trainer

The event was organized by Nadhifu Mums Power, a not-for-profit organization that seeks to empower women by teaching them skills that can help them earn a living.


Bangles in the Sun

I was able to cover the event in its entirely and I enjoyed the detailed shots I was expected to take.

Bangles on Hand

Smiling for the Camera

Earings Made by the Trainer

Completed Sandal Made During the Training




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