VIDEO: Attending the China Trade Week – July 1-3rd, 2015

The China Trade Week, which is the first comprehensive China-focused trade event to be hosted in Kenya and the East Africa region, kicked off from 1st to 3rd of July at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) in Nairobi.

The China Trade Week brings together Chinese companies across various industry sectors including building and construction, consumer electronics, electric vehicles, plastic molding equipment and materials, home electrical goods, green energy solutions, portable housing solutions and elevators system.

The 3-day event is designed to provide Chinese companies with a unique opportunity to meet, discuss and develop trading and business partnerships with both Kenyan entrepreneurs and the region’s business community across various commercial sectors.

I had a great time during the exhibition as you will see in the video.



David Gitonga


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How to be Successful on YouTube – 5 Case Studies

Digital marketing may be a hard nut to crack for some, but once you learn the fundamentals, you will quickly be amazed by how everything seems to fit in just right. You will enjoy playing on this huge and growing platform. The true judge of any idea online is, not the source, but if the idea works. Everything else is irrelevant.

YouTube is one of these platforms where if you can get it right, you are bound to win big time!

I took time to review what and how five non-marketers are leveraging YouTube with remarkable success and what we can learn from their approaches.

#1. Cross-Promotion of Facebook and YouTube Video

Michelle Phan, who runs a beauty channel, has over 7 million subscribers, the last time I checked. She’s not only creates high-quality content with expertise, but also has a fair amount of marketing and web savvy instincts that has helped her become a YouTube sensation.

She leverages her sizable Facebook fan base using the new Facebook video platform. Rather than simply drop a link of her new YouTube video or publish a post, she creates a small 15-second trailer to promote her YouTube video and uploads it to Facebook.

The uploaded video in Facebook’s newsfeed will autoplay and is the ideal length for the Facebook audience. To cap off this cross promotion, she also adds a link back to her Facebook page on her videos description section.

Key Takeaway:

Michelle understands that in order to reach her audience, who may not necessarily be in YouTube, she has to tailor her messaging to the platform where her potential audience is, in this case, Facebook. She thus creates Facebook video micro-content which nudges her audience towards her core content centered around YouTube.


#2. Complimenting a Video with a Long-Form Blog Post

John Mitzewich, who runs Food Wishes, a chef teaching channel, has over 1 million YouTube subscribers. John has been able to consistently create recipe videos that have been wildly successful because of the synergy that exists between his blog and his videos.

The two types of content compliment each other so well that if you consume one, chances are high that you will consume the other. This, in turn, results in cross-pollination that works very well.

Key Takeaway

To truly have a cohesive content strategy, your content needs to be inter-related. The synergies between your content needs to be very real if you aim to pursue a similar content mix. John seems to have stumbled upon this strategy early on and discovered it works perfectly for him.

#3. Make Commenting a Part of the Content

Mike Rugnetta uses philosophy and critical theory to analyze modern-day trends on the PBS Idea channel. With over half a million subscribers, the channel is bustling with activity primarily because the channel encourages it.

Since the channel is often on topics people feel strongly about, Mike poses more questions and less answers. Instead of simply letting the audience participate on in the background, the PBS team actively encourages debates through open questions. It even dedicates the last third of each episode to discussing and addressing the top comments from the previous episode.

This feedback mechanism fosters constructive discussions and encourages viewers to explore the rest of the channel.

Key Takeaway

By specifically tailoring their content to feature the comments, PBS has been able to redirect and tame a particularly difficult part of YouTube – the comments section – to their advantage. This in turn enhances the channel’s content and provides a value all of it’s own.

 #4. Maintain Graphical Consistency to Build Your Brand

Even while covering a broad scope of topics or even unrelated variety of topics, which may confuse a regular audience in most cases, it is possible to implement a strong and coherent visual style. The School of Life YouTube channel does this beautifully using  various elements and ideas that bring out a consistent style and design.

Despite the varied topics and the depth and breadth of what is covered, you get the sense of consistent pattern even from the video list in grid form below:

Key Takeaway

The School of Life understands that in order to keep their branded messaging coherent, it is necessary to tie certain elements together. In their case, it’s how the videos look and feel. By maintaining their consistent look and feel, they can discuss a wide variety of topics without diluting their brand or confusing their audience.


#5. Use Humor to Communicate Complex Ideas

In order to tackle difficult subjects, Glove and Boots have come up with entertaining and enjoyable approach that makes their videos noteworthy and catchy. By use of puppets, the channel is able to create supremely entertaining and universally accepted video content, making uncomfortable subject matters worth watching.

Dry subjects are brought to life using humor and wit which has proven to be very effective for the channel.

Key Takeaway

Even the most unlikely and unremarkable topics can be discussed and brought to life by utilizing humor and wit in your explanation. No matter how serious the clientelle or subject matter, injecting a little cleverness or levity is always welcome and make for more effective and enjoyable content.


If you would like to implement a content strategy on YouTube, give us a call or send us an email:

0721 783 420 





David Gitonga





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A New Window into Real-Time Trends

The web is ever evolving and Google has always played a large role in it. Google recently announced the biggest expansion of Google Trends since 2012 that now allows you to get a sense of what stories people are searching for.

You can now explore minute-by-minute real-time data by getting deeper into topics you care about. You will now be able to track the stories most people are searching for and where in the world interest is peaking.

In addition to Search, Google will now look at trends on YouTube and Google News and combine them to better understand what stories and topics are trending across the web right now.  The redesigned Google Trends homepage will allow for in-depth research on more niche topics in smaller geographies. This means you will be able to track what’s trending or gaining traction, say in Nairobi, and use this data to craft your content to gain the most viewership.

Here at E-LABZ, we are particularly excited and interested in the application of visual content, especially YouTube video, and how this will impact on Search.

Without further ado, watch the video below to hear about the role data plays in their work and how they’re helping shape the future of the field.



David Gitonga




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How to Create A Compelling Business Presentation

                                                                       Enjoying a beautiful sunset in Nairobi, 27 stories high


In an ideal world, the best person should win……

……. the best product,

the most qualified,

the most strategic,

the most experienced…

…… but its rare that they do.

Because it’s the WAY something is presented that creates that winning edge.

Does this then mean that it should be all style and no substance?

Not exactly. However, the example below shows just how, despite having a lot of experience and knowledge, it is possible to blow it by poor delivery and an unmuddled flow of thought.

A High Profile Example

Probably two of the most popular people in the world, Obama and Hillary. Hillary Clinton had everything needed to get her into the White House. She is,

Hugely experienced

Political connections

Known commodity

Been in the White House

Has Bill behind her

Got the female vote

The first woman to run for presidency


……….  On the other hand, Obama had,

Limited experience

Limited connections

Got a ‘weird’ name

He’s black

But guess what; he comes along and WINS



Clinton comes out as if she’s nagging you; he comes out as if he’s leading.

Highly Competitive Markets

If you come from highly competitive markets but you have no unique proposition…. at all, then it may seem impossible to win.

Deep down you want to be respected and seen as someone who has an impact, who inspires, who influences. You want to come out as someone who wins business and who can make a case when others can’t.

How you present your business is key.

One of the most effective ways to do this is by presenting yourself in style and earning your reputation as someone truly worth listening to and following.

In video, this involves a series of steps:

1. Congruency & Commitment – This is where you welcome your viewers and quickly acknowledge that they are in the right place. Reassure them that they are watching a video on the topic they were searching for. That their search is over. Start by introducing your client, who he is and what he does. By identifying his title, the job description and experience, the viewer now knows that they are in the right place.

2. Engage and Empathize – It is here that we want to convey to the ideal customer, hey, I understand you, I know what you’re going through. Let them know that you understand them and their needs. Immediately share, 2, 3,4 etc major concerns that everyone has when attempting to hire them for work.

3. Credibility and Benefits – Make them know you are qualified and will solve their problems. It is at this point that you begin to transition from the problem to a solution e.e. the business owner. Share your experience, and more importantly, your values, as a home builder, dentist, business owner.

4. Compelling Call to Action – Tell the video viewer what to do next. Each call to action is different depending on what type of business you are working with.

This is how you script a high-compelling video in just a matter of minutes.

Your presentation can make or break your business. However, it doesn’t take much to create a highly compelling presentation using the above steps that gets you the results that you want.

The above approach has worked for many and it can work for you as well.


Don’t try to over-complicate it and don’t try to re-invent the wheel.  Give us a call or send us an email and we will show you how at:

0721 783 420 



or    :



David Gitonga






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VIDEO: Unboxing and First Impressions of the Safaricom SmartTab

After reviewing the Infinix Hot and the Tecno Boom, I had an opportunity to review the SmartTab from Safaricom. This tablet is fairly cheap and serves the low-end tablet market in Kenya. While the tab lacks the high-end features of such tabs as the Galaxy Tab or the iPad, it is a great device for children, first-time tab users, and lightweight users.

Here is the video of the unboxing and what we thought of the device right out of the box.




David Gitonga




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I promised to post the full documentary from our latest trip up Mt. Longonot on December 2014. I finally uploaded the video and here is a look at the entire trip up the crater.


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Scaling Mt. Longonot

I promised to post the full documentary from our latest trip up Mt. Longonot on December 2014. I finally uploaded the video and here is a look at the entire trip up the crater.


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Creating Local Video Content with Mobile in Mind

A recent ComScore report has, for the first time, shown that mobile device users have exceeded the amount of users who exclusively use desktop computers. The report shows March 2015 as the month when this shift of Internet usage took place.

For the past few years now, the rise of mobile has been well documented and its immense popularity took a major turn last year (2014), when app usage surpassed desktop usage, signaling a change in how online content was being consumed.  Just a year ago, the percent of desktop-only Internet users was nearly twice (19.1%) that of mobile-only users (10.6%).  This report shows just how big of an impact mobile is going to become.

Digital video is also being affected by this shift towards mobile with mobile video viewing on the rise. Slightly below half of smartphone and tablet users watch video on their devices, with about 1 in 10 doing so daily.

YouTube remains the #1 online video destination, with 159.5 million desktop viewers in December, 2014. The popularity of professionally and semi-professionally produced content on YouTube Channels continues to drive engagement on the platform, with VEVO ranking as the #1 channel with 44.2 million viewers, followed by Disney/Maker Studios (42.6 million) and Fullscreen (36.9 million). VEVO also led the Top 10 YouTube Channels with 15 videos watched per viewer in December 2014.


There is no doubt that these U.S. statistics are a reflection of the bigger picture in other parts of the world including right here in Kenya. The local trend has been one of mobile-first where more and more people are accessing the Internet with smartphones. We are seeing major players like Safaricom offering cheap and affordable smartphones and tablets, some of which are going for less than Kshs. 10,000.

Having this ‘mobile-centric’ approach when creating online visual content will help one better target the market in order to get the best returns.

Here at E-LABZ, we aim to do exactly that – study the market trends and see what works best for our clients when it comes to creating online visual content that gets the most bang for our clients’ buck.

For all your video and photography needs:


Call:  254-721-783-420

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VIDEO: Unboxing and First Impressions with the Tecno Boom J7

I recently shot and edited the unboxing of the Tecno Boom J7 after the success of our first unboxing of the Infinix Hot.

It took a while to set up the lighting in order to get the device visible considering the indoor environment was dimly lit. I used two lighting sets and occasionally brought out the reflector.

All in all, I got my second unboxing shot and edited on time for the client. This experience has given me an opportunity to improve my lighting on set and determine what works and what doesn’t when it comes to shooting unboxing videos.


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VIDEO: 9 Composition Tips from Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry is one of most iconic voices in contemporary photography with a career spanning more than 30 years.

As you can imagine, his experience in photography is invaluable. Here are 9 photo composition tips from McQurry that every aspiring photographer ought to keep in mind:

1. Rule of Thirds – This rule states that you should always position important elements along the lines on your camera grid.

2. Leading Lines – Use natural lines to lead the eye into the picture.

3. Diagonals – Diagonal lines create great movement.

4. Framing – Use natural frames like windows and doors.

5. Figure to Ground – Find a contrast between subject and background.

6. Fill the Frame – Get close to your subjects.

7. Center Dominant Eye – Place the dominant eye in the center of the photo. This gives the impression the eyes follow you.

8. Patterns & Repetition – Patterns are aesthetically pleasing. But the best is when the pattern is interrupted.

9. Symmetry – Symmetry is pleasing to the eye.

Remember that the composition is important, but rules are meant to be broken. So enjoy yourself, photograph in your own way and style.



David Gitonga




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