Shamsi Music Thrilling Performance at Jazz Attitude 2

Following their successful album launch, Shamsi Music were back at it again, this time, at The Alchemist, for the second edition of Jazz Attitude.

It would be a night of Jazz and Electronic fusion that featured other bands like Maad Orchestra, Swahili Jazz, and other amazing musicians and bands.

As usual, Shamsi Music took the stage with vigour as they got the crowd excited with their soulful jams. As you can expect, most of their tracks came from their recently released album, The Audition, which has gotten very positive response since its launch.

Some of the songs the band played included the audience favorite, Murata, Nthenya, the love song, Elephants Parade, featuring a story by the band Saxophonist Laka, and Baby Baby cover done by the amazing and talented Kendi Nkonge.

Attending a performance by Shamsi is literary a glimpse of heaven. You can tell from their performance that they have skillfully developed focused behavior, self-discipline, communication skills, fluency of professional sound vocabulary and teamwork.

The fun that was #JazzAttitude 2. Missed out? Here's a taste of what went down!

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From doing covers to performing at the Safaricom Jazz festival, this reknowned Jazz band now has an album out. Their growth has sought to ensure that their sound is nothing but authentic.

For me, Jazz is individual and personal. I believe it requires time, focus, listening, preparation, repetition, and more. The best kind of Jazz happens in groups and Shamsi is the perfect ensemble. The band members have come together to play music, each with a personal command of their instruments and voice to the ensemble which has established a level of repertoire and artistry for them.

I definitely look forward to the next performance and more great music from the band.

About Shamsi

Shamsi music is an instrumental jazz fusion band from Nairobi, Kenya, which prides itself in creating memorable musical experiences that capture the heart, mind and soul.

These six guys complement each other and have in a way ensured that playing music together is fun. Their collaboration brings up qualities and reactions that one can’t experience alone.

Paul Mbithi has control of his Keyboard like I’ve never seen before, he makes sound that blends with the group. He is the epitome of a Keyboard Guru.

Laka Waithaka, is the saxophone whiz as well as the perfect crowd sensation. Laka has just the words to get the crowd hooked on their sound. It’s next to impossible to get bored with Laka constantly ensuring that you are part of the sound.

Kenn ‘Biggie’ Njoroge is very distinctly aware of his role in the band. He has mastered the interpersonal elements of performing with his band. His drumming moves you from afar. His energy on the drums is a sensation and a delight to watch.

Immanuel Mohol, is the guitar marvel. His sound pushes boundaries, he breeds freedom of expression and personal choice.

George Nyoro, multi-instrumentalist, has mastered the use of music vocabulary,  instrumentation, and form.

Finally, Michael Munene makes sounds unheard before and identifies ways to breathe new life into standard repertoire using his bass guitar.

Shamsi Music interpret music, share original ideas, and use their artistic and intellectual imagination to play jazz. Their new album, The Audition is clear evidence of what they can do and how personal their touch is.

To purchase their latest album, The Audition, check out their website:

You can also find them on social media platforms, YouTube and Facebook @Shamsi Music, Twitter and Instagram @ShamsiMusicKE


Faith Irungu is a blogger and content writer.  Her desire to believe in businesses and brands helps her leverage the online space and help them grow their brand. You can find her on her Twitter handle @hiramfay or reach her via email at


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Working with King Kanja during the #KanjaWeekendMediaTour

It’s always nice to meet up and work with clients you’ve worked with before because they usually know and understand what they want. In most cases, you also don’t need to educate them on the process and requirements.

We caught up with King Kanja when he came back during his media tour and we got to document the entire journey. As I write this, the tour is ongoing and we’re loving the energy and vibe of this great artist. It is also great interacting with other media and industry professionals while at it which means E-LABZ continues to expand it’s footprint.



Here’s what we’ve been able to document so far. More content coming soon:

King Kanja on Kiss 100 with Adelle Onyango #KanjaWeekendMediaTour #254videoguy

Posted by E-LABZ Photography on Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Today morning at the Homeboyz Radio studios with G-Money interview with the legendary King Kanja as he discusses his new track "Weekend." #254videoguy

Posted by David Gitonga on Friday, June 30, 2017


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The Classic 105 Home and Auto Expo 2017

We always love to attend events, especially expos, since you get to interact with different people and cover a variety of products and services on display.

The Home and Auto Expo 2017 organized by Classic 105 did not disappoint on this front. The event included exhibitors from the real estate sector, interior design companies, and car dealerships showcasing what is hot, new, and trendy in the market.

I could not help but be amazed by the number of real estates coming up in Kenya and different apartment blocks available for home owners. For those looking to own land, there were also many agencies on hand with property for sale.

Cars are always fun to explore, and car dealerships were on hand to let us sample the big toys and the not-so-big. I really loved the Porsche on display as it had a really elegant and classy feel to it.

Check out the video highlight below of the expo:

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The #SaWA Concert Featuring Sauti Sol

As E-LABZ continues to expand and grow, we got an opportunity to cover a concert by one of the most popular and successful bands in Kenya, and Africa.

For the first time in Eastlands, Sauti Sol put on an unforgettable show that was aimed at giving back to the community. The #SaWA concert, which was aimed at helping young women between the ages of 18-25 through training and mentorship, took place at The Point Mall, Buruburu, and featured many upcoming Eastlands artists, as well as well-known local artists.

We were happy to be part of the concert and event. We were also happy that the content we created, in video, photography, and blog posts, was able to reach a lot of people through social media, the various blog posts and websites where our work was featured.

Here’s a recap of the event in video:

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How to Leverage Events for Your Brand – 5 Things to Look Out For

One of the best synergies a corporate brand can make in today’s digitally-connected and hyper world is to create or plug into events.

We have documented plenty of events for our clients and the level of hype and enthusiasm that accompanies these events create a real goldmine for brands looking to bring awareness and gain publicity at a very low cost.

However, not all events are beneficial to your brand and not all brands can fit into the events space. Fortunately, a majority of brands today can take advantage of various events that happen to create awareness.

How though can you tell if an event would work well for your brand?

Here are 5 points to look out for:

  1. Your Brand Product Service vs Event Audience

Your audience drives your business. The more targeted your brand message can reach out to them, the higher the chance you’re going to connect with them and convert them to becoming loyal customers.

Your brand will need to plug into a space that ties in with your offering. If it is a music festival, what products or services does your company offer that would fit well with those attending the event? Remember, such an event will generally have musicians, music lovers, music industry stakeholders, and entertainment and event organizers attending. Is your offering well positioned to appeal to this audience?

  2. The Digital Experience

No event today is successful without some level of digital promotion and engagement. Based from the events we attend, the more hyped up an event is online weeks or months ahead, the higher the chance that it will be well received.

To get the most out of such events, you need to ensure your digital experience is also up to par. Your audiences are online trying to figure out which brands will be at the event. They are also looking to engage with you prior to the event online, and possibly on the ground during the event. If your digital experience is not satisfying to your potential customer, chances are you are not going to get real value out of the event.

  3. Post-Event Hype

The event itself should not be the end of your brand awareness strategy. Post-event engagement should continue to build up and get those who engaged with you on location to continue interacting with you online. The best events are those that offer such engagement, both to the attendees and those who missed it.

Creating content that appeals to your audiences after the event is key to achieving this. Whether its in form of pictures, videos, tweets, or blog posts, ensure the conversation is carried far beyond the event. If an event’s hype ends when the event ends, then much of the benefit from the event is generally lost.

  4. Collaborative Spaces

Events are not just for showcasing what you have on offer. They are also excellent for creating relationships with other suppliers, event organizers, and establishments. One way to build and grow your brand awareness is partnership at events.

Do you have a product or service that you can offer as part of your sponsorship for the event? This is a great way of building relationships while getting event promotion. Look for ways you can collaborate to get your brand more airtime during the event promotion over simply getting a booth or stand to showcase your work. Remember, the banners and posters created will live long after the event and your brand will always go with them.

  5. Sponsorship Deal

Sponsoring an event is one of the best ways of getting mileage for an event. Generally, event sponsors get to be featured on all advertisement material. In addition, they also get exposure at the event in various ways.

You can, for example, decide to sponsor drinks at subsidized rates, staging and lights, or offer affordable commute to and from the event location. Sponsorship deals can come in a variety of ways and it’s usually an agreement between the company sponsoring and the event organizers on what’s needed to make the event a success.

From experience, events are a great way of building brand equity. These five points should help you gauge if you are ready to leverage events to build your brand.


David Gitonga is a content marketing specialist. He creates visual content for websites, social, and YouTube. He helps businesses leverage new media to grow their brand and build authority on the Internet. You can find him on his Twitter handle @davgit or reach him via email at

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3 Reasons Why You Should Pay Attention to Facebook Video


When it comes to social media platforms, Facebook is by far the most popular platform, according to a 2017 research. In terms of daily usage, over 75 percent of users are on the platform daily, making content on the platform quite powerful.

Interestingly, a lot of the content consumed on the platform is on mobile. As a result, 75 percent of all Facebook videos are watched on mobile.

Now facts aside, why should you, personally and as a brand, invest in Facebook video?

  • Facebook Believes in Video

Facebook is a strong believer in the power of video. The growth of Facebook video, especially native video, has been tremendous.

Facebook’s investment in video technology serves as a strong indication about the direction the company thinks social media content is headed and the changing user behavior and consumption. The new features and tools that focus on video continue to be added almost every single month. For example, users can search for videos on Facebook and get alerted about Live video. Expect more video features soon.

  • Video Engagement is High

In mobile, people are also getting more comfortable engaging with video content. Now people spend 5x longer with video over static content on Facebook and Instagram. Most of these video views come from shared video.

Facebook views and engagements happen fast. While engagement is quite high within the first seven days, engagement over time does not go down. The ability to share and reshare videos means that video views continue to rise over time. This means that your videos will continue to have a long shelf life long after they are published.

  • The Evolving TV Ecosystem

It’s a fact that TV, and more specifically traditional TV, is getting replaced by on-demand video content on the Web. Facebook is looking to leverage on this and more people are looking to jump onto social networks platforms like Facebook as an alternative.

Creating shows and rich content that lives on Facebook means you’re positioned to capture this market looking to transition to on-demand content. This market is projected to grow. Being an early adopter means you will learn quickly about this emerging market, iterate, and create video products that fit this demographic.

Mobile consumption and the move towards more on-demand content is fuelling Facebook video. As a brand or business, what are you doing to leverage this relatively new content type?


David Gitonga is a content marketing specialist. He creates visual content for websites, social, and YouTube. He helps businesses leverage new media to grow their brand and build authority on the Internet. You can find him on his Twitter handle @davgit or reach him via email at

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How the Internet is Changing Consumer Behavior

Consumers are increasingly on mobile now. Its fast and highly responsive, and most important, feels personal.

If you’ve been in business long enough, you already know that the changing face of business today is nothing new. Over the decades, and centuries, innovations and new inventions have changed how people live and work from one generation to another.

Today, the Internet, and what the Internet brings is changing the landscape again.

For many, the Internet has been seen as channel where they can interact with their clientelle. For others, this is the new way of doing business. Still for others, it is just a passing fad that will never replace the good old brick and mortar stores. Regardless of where you’re coming from, everyone has their opinion of the Internet.

The Bottom Line

People are talking to their friends, and family and their recommendations are changing how we buy products and services

Despite the different opinions and perceived notions of what the Internet is and isn’t, one thing is for sure – The Internet is changing how people buy and sell goods – and that’s the bottom line.

Whether you admit or refute it, your customers are becoming more aware of what they want, they’re expressing their opinions about your products and services more openly, and are looking at what your competition has to offer. The current generation of consumers are more educated and enlightened than ever before. They are also more open-minded and liberal.

As you can imagine, selling to an educated client is very different and is more challenging, over selling to one who isn’t. The former is more aware of the facts, more influential, and cares deeply about the name behind the brand they purchase. They are also bombarded by new information and research in regards to their interests and purchases.

How you communicate and sell to them is thus a whole different ball game to clients who aren’t educated about your process and your cause.

If You Do Not Understand People, You Do Not Understand Business

What your consumers say about you online has a big impact on how people perceive your products, services, and overall brand outlook

As a business owner or entrepreneur, it is not enough to simply offer a product and expect clients will come flocking. Your potential clients now have more options being thrown at them than ever before. Their news-feeds and timelines are always screaming for their attention. They no longer have to go look for products and services. Instead, these products and services seek them.

And this is where the challenge lies.

You see, unless you are constantly trying to get your customers’ attention and looking for ways to remain top-of-mind on your clients, you run the risk of getting replaced by your more aggressive competitor. As much as we are passionate about what we do, we also have to remember that we live in a highly competitive world. Everybody wants to be seen first and seen constantly. This is the side that your potential customers see.

Unless you adapt to the changing business environment, you will die, eventually. It is not enough to simply have a website, a Facebook page, and an Instagram account. Your clients already expect that of you. It is what you project on these platforms that win your customers’ confidence, trust, and increasingly their time and eyeballs.

Your customers are human beings and human beings care about causes. Do you communicate these messages to your clients and potentials? What does your business stand for? Do you give back to the community in any way? Do you advocate for a cause that touches others? You need to connect on a more personal level with your clients in these and other ways as well. If you do not understand people, you do not understand business.

How you communicate is also just as important as what you communicate. A blog is a powerful medium of communication. A picture however is more powerful. Even more powerful is a video. Learning how to leverage these new content types will also go a long way in maintaining your business relevance.

Internet adoption across the globe continues to gain ground. The future is online. By default, this means the future of business will also be online. What are you doing about it?


David Gitonga is a content marketing specialist. He creates visual content for websites, social, and YouTube. He helps businesses leverage new media to grow their brand and build authority on the Internet. You can find him on his Twitter handle @davgit or reach him via email at


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Samsung Galaxy S8 Launch

It’s always cool and exciting to attend launches of products and services that you like. The Samsung Galaxy S8 launch was no exception.

It was also the first time to attend and cover an event at the new Two Rivers Mall and sample out the beauty and grandeur of this magnificent architecture.

Check out our video below of the launch and be sure to visit the mall as it has some cool viewing points, especially the CK Square and the awesome waterfront where you get to enjoy a water show.

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Why Take Instagram Seriously

As you may have seen recently, we’re seeing a shift towards visual content on the Interwebs.

Among the most popular spaces when it comes to visual content is Instagram.

However, even more important is the fact that Instagram is becoming the de facto on where to discover and interact with brands.

Here are a few facts about Instagram worth mentioning in 2017:

  • More than one million active advertisers per month on Instagram.
  • More than 80 percent of people on Instagram follow a brand.
  • Roughly 20 percent of Instagram’s audiences use Instagram to visit a brand’s website, get directions, or contact a company.
  • Instagram is looking to add a way for people to communicate with businesses through the app such as booking services, or scheduling a haircut.

As you can see, Instagram is having a major influence on how people interact, and will be interacting with brands, moving forward.

One question though remains: How is your A-Game on Instagram?


David Gitonga is a content marketing specialist. He creates visual content for websites, social, and YouTube. He helps businesses leverage new media to grow their brand and build authority on the Internet. You can find him on his Twitter handle @davgit or reach him via email at


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Documenting a Training – Nkaimurunya Primary School

It’s always great to work with organizations and people who want to change and improve the lives of others. You learn so much from that self-sacrificing spirit.

I worked with one such organization recently by offering sanitary pads to girls from Nkaimurunya Primary School – a school in Kajiado county.

I shot the video and photos of the event as well as the training. It was a new experience for me and I learned a few things, not only about sanitary pads, but also how to get good footage without using a lot of equipment and gear.

The video was shot using just one camera, an external microphone, and a monopod.

Check out the video below:


Last Week documenting this training #254videoguy

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