On location: Artsy Mama Seminar

The Artsy Mama event went down on the 26th, February, 2014 at the Michael Joseph Center. The event took place from 11:00 AM till around 3:00 PM.


This was an event by women but not for women alone. Very few men came along (including me), but the place was warm.


The atmosphere was serene and feminine.

A lot of wares were on display as stay-at-home moms showcased what they do right from home and make a living out of it.

We also had a line of 4 panelists who have gone far and beyond and actually put their skills and passions to use. Some of these women have set up businesses and captured the Kenyan corporate market and made a name for themselves.

And here are the panelists:


Connie Aluoch

Corrine the Hair Stylist



 Lintons Beauty World

Riri of Riri Jewellery

I am definitely looking forward to the next Artsy Mama event.

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