A New Window into Real-Time Trends

The web is ever evolving and Google has always played a large role in it. Google recently announced the biggest expansion of Google Trends since 2012 that now allows you to get a sense of what stories people are searching for.

You can now explore minute-by-minute real-time data by getting deeper into topics you care about. You will now be able to track the stories most people are searching for and where in the world interest is peaking.

In addition to Search, Google will now look at trends on YouTube and Google News and combine them to better understand what stories and topics are trending across the web right now. ┬áThe redesigned Google Trends homepage will allow for in-depth research on more niche topics in smaller geographies. This means you will be able to track what’s trending or gaining traction, say in Nairobi, and use this data to craft your content to gain the most viewership.

Here at E-LABZ, we are particularly excited and interested in the application of visual content, especially YouTube video, and how this will impact on Search.

Without further ado, watch the video below to hear about the role data plays in their work and how they’re helping shape the future of the field.



David Gitonga




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