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YouTube for Startups

Times have changed and once again, those who refuse to bend with the wind are having a hard time trying to figure out why radio and television advertising is not working anymore.

You see, online video is being used by many entrepreneurs creatively to help them get noticed……. and they are getting noticed.

The story of Orabrush is a fine testament to the power of YouTube and its potential to boost a small business’s visibility and raise its profile.

Video is not longer expensive as it used to be. It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to create engaging powerful videos. With a smartphone, you can record, edit, and upload a video and begin to create engagement. You don’t need industry-standard equipment to create a powerful video that has a powerful message. Take a look at the video below to see what I mean:

Why Your Startup Needs Video

Startups are faced with the challenge of reaching more people and expand their customer base as soon as possible. Video is an excellent way to increase your reach and visibility by standing out. Not many people are employing video, and this gives you an edge over competition. It allows you to show your audience how unique and different you are from your competitors.

Video is also great for optimizing your Google Search.  Web pages with video are more sticky, according to Google, which makes them more valuable and hence appear much higher on search engine results pages.  People stay longer on your pages as they watch videos, which is one of the reasons for the sticky effect. In addition, the variety of content on pages offers more interaction points with visitors, which further translates to higher page results. Whichever way you look at it, video is good for Search.

Social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are using video more frequently. Facebook is particularly serving more videos on news feeds and running video ads. With video attracting new audiences, you are better positioned to get more attention and increase visibility when sharing video on your activity stream.

How to Create Great Videos

When getting started with video, you want something with great content, collaborative, and has calls-to-action.  Collaborating with celebrities, fans, and online “stars” is one way to gain more traction.

Consistency is another important facet of video. Create a schedule for creating and releasing video. Consistency also applies to when and how you deliver your videos.

Short content works best for the web. You don’t want to create long YouTube videos, otherwise nobody is going to take time and watch them as if they have nothing better to do. Create short, to-the-point videos and be consistent in this area as well.

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