GODZILLA: Movie Review

David Gitonga


                 “You have no idea what is coming, and its gonna send us all back to the stone age.”

This being my first movie review, it was a bit challenging to figure out what to talk about. The movie is still relatively new and this is like the 44th time it has been redone, but with better graphics and millions of dollars in budget.

I had my friend, Eric, come up and help me out with this review. While the shoot took about an hour, it took me about 5 hours to edit the whole thing.

Audio is really important when doing a review and so I had to bring out the big guns to ensure top quality. I shot the review using a Canon T3i (my older camera) and my newer Canon 6D. I used a Zoom H4N for audio as well as two other mics to ensure it was top quality. I edited the movie using the Videopad application and used Audacity to improve the audio before piecing the two together. It cost me an entire Sunday morning to get entire done ready.

It was also necessary to script what my talent was going to say. This is really important if you have never done a review as it will ensure the presentation flows giving you more time to add cut scenes for cinematic effects.

All in all we were happy with our first review and we look forward to doing more.


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Video: Mums Learn How to Cook Pilau and Bake a Cake

This event was shot at Githurai 44. The location had to be changed that morning and I had a small room to do the shoot and still get the atmosphere of the training.  This was a low-budget shoot so I had to improvise and work with whatever could be accommodated in that little space.

I was also careful not to get in the way of the trainer and the trainees.  It was necessary to ensure the shots were tasty and avoid getting too close to people’s faces, especially during mealtimes.

Check out the pics (The video is further down the page).


She smiles as the trainer cracks a joke


The baby got a lot of attention



The food was delightfully delicious!


Eating away
Posing with the cake at hand


Everyone was excited


The neighborhood



The women who attended the training event


Cooking utensils






The Neighborhood of Githurai 44



Preparing the salad



Looking on attentively

Here is the video:

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On Safari in Meru

On the Road


You see, photography is all about the lighting. If you can catch the sun at just the right spot in the sky and be at the right spot, then you have yourself a great photo. Sometimes,  you only have a few seconds to get the right shot. For me, I had to get deep into the jungle to get these perfect shots. I had to go through difficult terrain and with barely enough equipment on me, I had to improvise most of the time. Fortunately, I got it.

At an abandoned resort sport at the Meru National Park


A river drying up


The Forest



The Fork


I discovered a new species


The dog came along for the ride



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Sandal Making at a Park

A Complete Sandal made during the training

I was on hand to cover a women training event at the Nairobi Memorial Park. It was a vocational training event where about 6 women had come to be taught the art of sandal making.

Learning how to make sandals

Learning how to needle




The surroundings were tranquil and calm and the women on hand were eager and willing to spend the day to get some needed skill sets.

Women who participated in the training including the trainer

The event was organized by Nadhifu Mums Power, a not-for-profit organization that seeks to empower women by teaching them skills that can help them earn a living.

Bangles in the Sun

I was able to cover the event in its entirely and I enjoyed the detailed shots I was expected to take.

Bangles on Hand
Smiling for the Camera
Earings Made by the Trainer
Completed Sandal Made During the Training




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Video: Where Books Go to Die

I love books and as you can expect, I was not about to miss an exhibition by the visual artist, Jackie Karuti.

The exhibition depicts a library scene that showcases the state of library books common in Nairobi and other parts of the world.

Scenes of torn, burn’t, and worn out books were on exhibition as well as a table of books with pages flapping around symbolized by the destructive element of wind.




All in all, it was great to be there and delve into the mind of a visual artist like Jackie. It made me appreciate a little bit more the value of books and how they’ve influenced who I am.

Here is a video I shot of the exhibition.



By David Gitonga

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An Evening with Liz Gilbert

Pro Photography Session

I had the privilege of attending an evening with the renowned international photographer, Liz Gilbert, at PAWA254.

The place was packed with upcoming and aspiring photographers and Liz was on hand to answer questions and provide her own insights into her 23-year journey as a photographer.



It was a wonderful experience to be in company with Liz whose work has appeared on TIME, Newsweek, and other popular publications. Her work has also been featured across many museums across the world.




Liz has two books under her belt and a documentary feature film entitled “The Last Safari.” This is Liz’s attempt to go back to the communities that she had visited 10 years earlier and show them the pictures she took.





Liz’s quote from the talk

Her experience and her interest in growing young talent was evident in her voice and her enthusiasm to contribute 

Hopefully, she will continue to inspire and motivate us to keep doing what we love to do.


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Video: The Artsy Mama Creative Seminar

I was finally able to make time on a Sunday to edit the video below for the Artsy Mama Creative seminar for stay-at-home moms. Watch the video and a preview of the panelists at the event who showcased their work.




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On location: Artsy Mama Seminar

The Artsy Mama event went down on the 26th, February, 2014 at the Michael Joseph Center. The event took place from 11:00 AM till around 3:00 PM.


This was an event by women but not for women alone. Very few men came along (including me), but the place was warm.


The atmosphere was serene and feminine.

A lot of wares were on display as stay-at-home moms showcased what they do right from home and make a living out of it.

We also had a line of 4 panelists who have gone far and beyond and actually put their skills and passions to use. Some of these women have set up businesses and captured the Kenyan corporate market and made a name for themselves.

And here are the panelists:


Connie Aluoch

Corrine the Hair Stylist



 Lintons Beauty World

Riri of Riri Jewellery

I am definitely looking forward to the next Artsy Mama event.

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