Why Use Video Marketing for Business


Life has become fast and busy and people have become more web savvy on the Internet. Video is where your customers are spending time.Video is the latest trend and is only getting bigger and bigger.

Here are some stats about video you should know:

1. A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.

2. The chances of getting page one listing on Google Search increase by 53% with video.

3. On average, a visitor will stay 2 minutes longer when they watch a video.

4. 65% visit the website after viewing a video and make purchase decisions.

5. By 2017 video will be 90% of all Internet traffic.

6. 87% of online marketers use videos.

7. Over 1 billion unique visits on YouTube every month.

8. 87% of social media users follow their brand’s videos.

9. Posts with video links will attract 3x more visitors.

10. Online videos are 100% more social engaging.

11. Video marketing can get you 46% more conversion lift.

12. There is 139% more brand impact using videos.

Is your brand producing online videos? If not, start now.

Consumers are watching them, following them, and making purchase decisions based on them. Remember, your competition is already doing this and are likely behind them if you not.

We are experts in creating online videos. If you are looking to get the best out of your website, YouTube, Facebook, and all the other platforms where your potential customers are interacting, talk to us.




David Gitonga



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Get a Professional Video

According to a recent statistic by Ooyala, the pace of mobile video growth is accelerating. In the past year, mobile video viewing has more than doubled to become over 25% of all online viewing. Mobile video share has increased 127% year-over-year and 400% in the past two years.

With faster networks, more bandwidth, and an increasing number of smarter devices, all these are helping grow online video adoption.

What are you doing to leverage this online video market? E-LABZ can help you get started by creating professional videos for your products and services.



David Gitonga



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Workshop: Wedding Photography with Ben Kiruthi

Me and Ben

Leonardo da Vinci once said that “learning never exhausts the mind.” I had an opportunity to do exactly that on the 18-19th September 2014 at Kingdom Gardens, Muthaiga, with the leading wedding photographer in Kenya, Ben Kiruthi.

It was fun and exciting and an opportunity to meet up with many other photographers trying to break into the wedding photography niche. It was also humbling to have someone like Ben take the time out of his busy schedule to train and help us improve on our craft.

Day 1

On the first day, we learned the value of story telling. Ben emphasized this by giving us experiences from his shoots and highlighted the importance of photo-journalism in telling a great wedding story. I learned the art of being invisible, caring for the story, the importance of listening, looking, and being attentive. There is a story in every wedding and as a wedding photographer, it’s up to you to look for that story.

“Money always follows passion” – Ben Kiruthi

At the end of the day, we had a model bride and groom show up and I got to learn how to light the talent, pose them, focus, recompose, and shoot.  The shoot lasted late into the night.

Day 2

On the second day, we covered various aspects of a wedding shoot such as the ceremony, the procession, the recession, the creative session, the reception, and sunset portraits. We also covered the business side of wedding photography where we learned how to pitch, come up with contracts, the equipment and gear, and how to set and run a wedding photography blog.

We also learned how to edit the photos we shot the previous day using Lightroom.

The Team

According to Confucius, “You cannot open a book without learning something” and this is exactly what I did. I attended the workshop and went away having learned a lot about photography. I look forward to using what I learned at the workshop to improve my shots and make a difference.

The Trainer and trainees


David Gitonga



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Close Ups

Whether its to create an emotional connection with your audience or to provide a different perspective on a subject, close ups are great when you need to deliver that unique angle. In filmmaking, the use or lack of use of close ups helps a director create or avoid emotional distance with the subject matter.

During my shoots, I try to include a variety of close ups in order to get the emotional feel of the event.

Take a look at some of the images below and see if you can “feel” the emotions during the event


David Gitonga




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Coming Soon: A Preview of the Gift Bag Event

I wanted to share this quick post with you to let you know I am working on a huge list of pictures that I shot over the weekend.  The project was an initiative with Nadhifu to empower local women communities with needed skills.

We had a great time and very soon, you will see what I mean. I am working on editing the pictures as fast as possible as well as the videos that came out of the event.

Here is a preview of a few of the smiling faces present at the event that you can expect to see.

Group Shot


More pictures coming soon.

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Sandal Training Event at the Memorial Park

It was yet another #sandaltraining event, but this time, we had a different set of women who showed up to learn how to make sandals.

There was also a new more experienced trainer who took the women through the various steps.

Here is a look at what went down:


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You Need a New Engagement Model and Adobe Just Revealed It

Social Media Intelligence Report by Adobe Q1, 2014

In a world where everyone lives on their mobile phones or on social networks, the big dilemma facing many companies is how to get in front of potential customers. An average online user, which typically means 80% of all 18-35 year-olds, gets anywhere from 50 emails upwards per day.

All these people only have 24 hours in a day. They have to decide what to read and what to discard.

Their email-opening radars have gotten way higher………… and getting sharper.

You simply cannot win the war on attention by doing the same things that everyone – Coca Cola, Safaricom, Orange, OLX – is doing. They are going to beat you in the game because they have more money, more skills, more patience, and more creativity, than you could ever have.

So what can you do?

You need a strategy that no one is using but works wonders and it starts with research.

What Research Says

According to the latest social intelligence report by Adobe, video engagement was up 25% and video play growth saw a 785% increase over last year.

Social Engagement

What does this mean?

Video is growing at an alarming rate. More people are not only commenting, liking, and sharing web video, but they are actually opening and watching video.

This is big.

If you have an email opening rate of 1%, you are considered successful. But look at video. It’s blowing the charts with 785% increased engagement!

Images are also highly popular and continue to get the highest engagement. According to another report by HubSpot, photos on Facebook Pages receive 53% more Likes than the average post.

This is a huge opportunity as it emphasizes the need for businesses to use photos and images in order to increase their Facebook Likes and comments.

Facebook even allows users to include photos as part of comments because of how powerful they are.

What All This Means for Your Business

If you are conscious of the need to increase engagement and traffic to your Facebook pages and websites, you need to consider adding more visuals to your marketing efforts.

Here is what experts recommend:

1.  Add high-quality, engaging images in your content. These are not the images you shoot with your mobile phone, but ones shot with a professional high-quality DSLR. These images allow the subject to be clearly placed in focus with the background creatively out of focus.

2.  Hire a visual content creator. This is someone who has visual skills to edit your photos, craft engaging comments on top of the images, and source for visual content across the web and personalize it to your business.

3.  Create engaging videos. This could be anything from shooting a behind-the-scenes look video to snappy how-to videos. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video is worth 1,000,000. Actually according to research, a video is actually worth 1.8 million words. That is why people love sharing videos on social media. Videos don’t need to be expensive, but they need to done professionally for best results.

If these statistics are anything to go by, then the effectiveness of your engagement will depend on how visually enriching your online presence will be moving forward.

By David Gitonga
E-LABZ – Offering online video and photography services

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VIDEO: Why You Need to Use Video and Photography

David Gitonga, Cinematographer

I sat down with Eric Abuto, a radio presenter here in Kenya, who drilled me on the importance of video and photography for your website and blog.

The recent Social Intelligence Report by Adobe shows increased engagement for posts with video and images. Video growth is up by 265% and posts with images average 30 times more engagement than posts without images.

I took the opportunity to also highlight a few things that make an engaging video. An engaging video should generally be informative, educational, and short. It should be easily shareable, and if possible, funny.

The interview is less than 2 minutes long.

Check out the interview below.


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A Photoshoot with a Mum and Her Kids

A fun photoshoot of a mum and her kids. We only had one location to try out different shots and we got them just right.

Check them out.

Xiya and the mum



Don’t you worry child, see heaven gotta plan for you


A mum deep in thought


Am young and happy

What a wonderful world!



In awe!


Mum Xiya looking out for her child

It was a hot noon day and I had to try as much as possible to reduce the impact of hard light on the faces. Shooting with direct sunlight creates shadows that are difficult to remove entirely in post-production. However, when you shoot in RAW, it becomes much easier to edit in Lightroom or some other software.

Unfortunately, I forgot to set the images to RAW and I had challenging time in post-production. It took a while, but I managed to get back what I had lost during the shoot.

All’s well that ends well, I guess.


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Nairobi Cultural Festival – National Museums

I had a great time at the second Nairobi Cultural Festival that brought together people from different cultures and backgrounds. The place was parked with foreigners and locals alike showcasing their products, cultures, and enjoying what was on display.

I got to enjoy exotic food and got to meet people from different cultures. Check out the pics below:

A Sunny Day to enjoy the cuisine and meet new people.


My plate of the Botswana Ox Tongue cuisine. Yummy!!


This is a veggie pizza. Enticing indeed.


The Yakitori looked yummy as well and the chef was very welcoming.


The Yakitori burning on the stove


This is the Indonesian version of the Yakitori



Met these beautiful Botswanian women and we had a fun photo shoot


Proud to be Botswanian




Ancient Artifacts surrounded us


What a fulfilling day. I was simply out to take a few photos but it ended up being a blast and lots of fun.

I look forward to the third Nairobi Cultural Festival, and hopefully, meet more people.


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