Working with King Kanja during the #KanjaWeekendMediaTour

It’s always nice to meet up and work with clients you’ve worked with before because they usually know and understand what they want. In most cases, you also don’t need to educate them on the process and requirements.

We caught up with King Kanja when he came back during his media tour and we got to document the entire journey. As I write this, the tour is ongoing and we’re loving the energy and vibe of this great artist. It is also great interacting with other media and industry professionals while at it which means E-LABZ continues to expand it’s footprint.



Here’s what we’ve been able to document so far. More content coming soon:

King Kanja on Kiss 100 with Adelle Onyango #KanjaWeekendMediaTour #254videoguy

Posted by E-LABZ Photography on Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Today morning at the Homeboyz Radio studios with G-Money interview with the legendary King Kanja as he discusses his new track "Weekend." #254videoguy

Posted by David Gitonga on Friday, June 30, 2017


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Dental Health Day with CloseUp

I had a blast when I was contracted to document for Unilever the activities during the Dental Health Day in Eldoret. The long march, the happy children, and the dental clinic experience were all great experiences. The Dental Association of Kenya chairman, former chairman, and treasury were also present. This would be the second time I would be visiting Eldoret and the experience was just as interesting as the first one.

Here are some pictures from the event.







By David Gitonga

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VIDEO: Martin Scorsese Shot by Shot of ‘Cape Fear’

How do you shoot a scene and permeate the audience’s psyche? What makes a scene so realistic that you can watch it over and over again?

Martin Scorsece is one of director’s who has been able to bring out such level of realism in his work. While he has been criticized for the violent content in his films, he has successfully been able to create hyper creative, and sometimes violent, images by use of ultra quick shots, unsettling angles, and zooms in his work.

Here is  a shot-by-shot look at a scene in one of his earlier movies, Cape Fear, and how is expert camera work is brought out beautifully.



MARTIN SCORSESE Shot By Shot from Antonios Papantoniou on Vimeo.



David Gitonga




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LIPA NA MPESA Promotion Shoot – Prep

I have always loved documenting an event and in December 2014 I had such an opportunity for one of the biggest brands in the country.  We went on a 4-day trip starting in Nairobi – Nakuru – Eldoret – Kisumu- Kakamega. The trip was exciting for me and for the entire crew and we really had a great time.

Here are some shots of the dance team in Eldoret during their preparation.



























David Gitonga









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VIDEO: Wedding Photography Poses

It’s been a little while since I posted something new, but I have been on the road shooting events. I wanted to post a quick follow-up on the last blog I did on How to Pose Subjects.  I realize that a lot of photographers and photography enthusiasts have covered a wedding or likely have had opportunities to do so.

Here are a few poses that anyone can use to greatly improve the quality and look of their images when shooting the bride and groom on their wedding day.


David Gitonga




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Learn About Image Formats

Have you been wondering, and possibly scratching your head, over what image formats you should use for your Facebook post updates, website, or blog? The truth is, some images are best served in a certain style while others are suited for certain channels.

Check out this infographic to learn about the different image formats and their usage.



David Gitonga




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How to Pose Your Subjects

Whether taking a formal shot or informal shots of a group of friends, as a photographer, it will be necessary to pose your subjects if you want your images to have a nice composition. I always find posing my subjects challenging, especially when am called in to shoot in the last minute without having had time to meet and interact with them.

As a result, I wanted to create a small posing guide that would be of help, not only to me but, to anybody who faces the same challenges as I do.

Here are a few poses for a large number of people, a group of friends, and family members.

1. This pose works when working with a large group of people. Here, the idea is to have the whole group looking like a single object.

2.  For your shots to have that formal or documentary look, compose in full height.  Simply get everyone visible like this.

3. Shooting from an elevated angle to get a higher viewpoint can give your shots a more interesting and inviting perspective.

4. This composition works best for a small team shot such as a music band or a small team of co-workers. Place a known leader in front for even stronger composition.

5. This a standard, ordinary, and common way to pose a group of friends.  It always works, so I had to put it in as well.

6. This is another fun pose. Get everyone lean their heads slightly closer and towards the camera while standing very close together. You are going to love this shot, and so will they.

7.  Have the group form a circle while lying on the ground. Shoot from above. This will make for a killer shot.

8. For this shot, choose a “group leader” and put him or her in front. The others can then join in one by one while standing behind the previous person peeking towards the camera over the shoulder while supporting themselves a little on the person directly in front to add cordiality to your composition.

9. For this composition, put a “group leader” in front while others appear behind each other. Shooting with different apertures for a variety of focus points makes for interesting shots.

Here is a slight variation of the previous one. For this shot. check that everybody is clearly visible and shoot from a close distance with a wide aperture. Focus on the first person and ensure people further away are blurred to create an interesting and unusual looking group shot.

10.This pose works great for a group of friends or family members. Ask the group to make a jump after a short run.

11. Here are some family shots you can try out as well.


And here is video:

David Gitonga





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Why Use Video Marketing for Business


Life has become fast and busy and people have become more web savvy on the Internet. Video is where your customers are spending time.Video is the latest trend and is only getting bigger and bigger.

Here are some stats about video you should know:

1. A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.

2. The chances of getting page one listing on Google Search increase by 53% with video.

3. On average, a visitor will stay 2 minutes longer when they watch a video.

4. 65% visit the website after viewing a video and make purchase decisions.

5. By 2017 video will be 90% of all Internet traffic.

6. 87% of online marketers use videos.

7. Over 1 billion unique visits on YouTube every month.

8. 87% of social media users follow their brand’s videos.

9. Posts with video links will attract 3x more visitors.

10. Online videos are 100% more social engaging.

11. Video marketing can get you 46% more conversion lift.

12. There is 139% more brand impact using videos.

Is your brand producing online videos? If not, start now.

Consumers are watching them, following them, and making purchase decisions based on them. Remember, your competition is already doing this and are likely behind them if you not.

We are experts in creating online videos. If you are looking to get the best out of your website, YouTube, Facebook, and all the other platforms where your potential customers are interacting, talk to us.




David Gitonga



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Get a Professional Video

According to a recent statistic by Ooyala, the pace of mobile video growth is accelerating. In the past year, mobile video viewing has more than doubled to become over 25% of all online viewing. Mobile video share has increased 127% year-over-year and 400% in the past two years.

With faster networks, more bandwidth, and an increasing number of smarter devices, all these are helping grow online video adoption.

What are you doing to leverage this online video market? E-LABZ can help you get started by creating professional videos for your products and services.



David Gitonga



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Workshop: Wedding Photography with Ben Kiruthi

Me and Ben

Leonardo da Vinci once said that “learning never exhausts the mind.” I had an opportunity to do exactly that on the 18-19th September 2014 at Kingdom Gardens, Muthaiga, with the leading wedding photographer in Kenya, Ben Kiruthi.

It was fun and exciting and an opportunity to meet up with many other photographers trying to break into the wedding photography niche. It was also humbling to have someone like Ben take the time out of his busy schedule to train and help us improve on our craft.

Day 1

On the first day, we learned the value of story telling. Ben emphasized this by giving us experiences from his shoots and highlighted the importance of photo-journalism in telling a great wedding story. I learned the art of being invisible, caring for the story, the importance of listening, looking, and being attentive. There is a story in every wedding and as a wedding photographer, it’s up to you to look for that story.

“Money always follows passion” – Ben Kiruthi

At the end of the day, we had a model bride and groom show up and I got to learn how to light the talent, pose them, focus, recompose, and shoot.  The shoot lasted late into the night.

Day 2

On the second day, we covered various aspects of a wedding shoot such as the ceremony, the procession, the recession, the creative session, the reception, and sunset portraits. We also covered the business side of wedding photography where we learned how to pitch, come up with contracts, the equipment and gear, and how to set and run a wedding photography blog.

We also learned how to edit the photos we shot the previous day using Lightroom.

The Team

According to Confucius, “You cannot open a book without learning something” and this is exactly what I did. I attended the workshop and went away having learned a lot about photography. I look forward to using what I learned at the workshop to improve my shots and make a difference.

The Trainer and trainees


David Gitonga



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