Creating Cinemagraphs in Kenya for the Adele Dejak Brand

Cinemagraphs have bee around since 2010. However, not many people are aware of them since they are not widely adopted. This however does not mean that they less effective in marketing. Cinamagraphs in Kenya is also a new concept that is yet to pick up.

Cinemagraphs are a new kind of content type that combines both pictures and videos.

With social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram offering support for cinemagraphs, we’re increasingly seeing innovative brands and companies leveraging cinemagraphs to bring a new approach and create interesting in their products and services. Cinemagraphs have become powerful ways of separating yourself from mainstream approaches when it comes to digital marketing.

I undertook my first major project in developing cinemagraphs in Kenya for a big fashion brand recently. Adele Dejak is a brand that prides itself in first-class Ankara jewelry for the high-end market. The goal was to create cinemagraphs and position the brand more boldly in markets across Africa and beyond.

Here’s a look at some of the work we’ve done so far in the cinematography space:

As you can see from above, the response and feedback was overwhelming and effectively helped build engagement and raise more awareness on the brand.

The above cinemagraph was also similarly engaging.

As you can see, cinemagraphs offer a different and unique approach to brand marketing, advertising, and promotion online. It is the new marketing approach on digital.

As a digital marketer, whether in Kenya or abroad, developing cinemagraphs is one of the more effective approaches that you should be undertaking now.

David Gitonga is a digital marketer and video specialist helping brands leverage the power of the web and visual media to build engagement and market their products and services. You can reach him via email at You can also follow him on Twitter @davgit

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Training Video for T-Shirt Branding

I had an opportunity to work on a training video that would be shot during a training event. Nadhifu Mums Power helps women gain valuable business skills at a low cost and they wanted to document one of their training events and convert the contents into a training video.

I document and edited the entire training session and below is the results of my work.


By David Gitonga

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Everything You Need to Know About Film Noir

Film Noir is a style of filmmaking that was very popular in the days past. However, we have seen its emergence with the likes of Spirit and Sin City taking this old style and giving it some fresh approach, making it popular once again. What though constitutes a Film Noir look?

Here is an infographic that breaks down this art and style of filmmaking helping you better understand how you can use it to create drama and unrealism to your shots.



By David Gitonga

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