Documenting a Training – Nkaimurunya Primary School

It’s always great to work with organizations and people who want to change and improve the lives of others. You learn so much from that self-sacrificing spirit.

I worked with one such organization recently by offering sanitary pads to girls from Nkaimurunya Primary School – a school in Kajiado county.

I shot the video and photos of the event as well as the training. It was a new experience for me and I learned a few things, not only about sanitary pads, but also how to get good footage without using a lot of equipment and gear.

The video was shot using just one camera, an external microphone, and a monopod.

Check out the video below:


Last Week documenting this training #254videoguy

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Attention is the arbitrage you need in 2017

As the world moves faster and faster online, the question becomes:

Who is going to win in a space that continues to get saturated every single day?

Outdoor media and basic websites no longer appeal to the masses. How often do you skip YouTube ads? Do you get irritated by TV ads?

Clearly, your answers above reveal a real disconnect between where we spend our marketing shillings and where the attention of your target customers are.

2017 and Mobile

It is no secret that mobile is at the core of everything. We now access email, communicate, and check out links sent to us via our mobile devices. 70 percent of people who access social networks do it on mobile and over 50 percent of all YouTube views happen on mobile.


If you’re reading this, chances are that you use at least one social network, whether its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat. In some spaces, social has almost become synonymous with the Internet, especially in places where Internet is just getting adopted.

Social networks have also become great places to brand or promote a product and get huge audiences as opposed to running ads. The thread of social extends beyond these spaces and most e-commerce sites, blogging platforms, and websites integrate social as part of their core design.

Building Brand Equity

Building your brand online is one of the best ways of play the game long-term. Most of our lives are being lived online and the earlier you can establish and start building a long-term brand equity, the faster and longer you are going to win.

Imagine if you could create influence for your brand and products through a weekly YouTube or Facebook show? Think of how much impact you’d have if you created regular original content for your Instagram followers.

Building brands around your businesses matters!

2017 should be the year you take the Internet seriously. Start creating long-term value through your brand and see where it takes you in the next 365 days.

I hope you have a great 2017 year of branding.

Talk to you soon, brands.



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