How to Pose Your Subjects

Whether taking a formal shot or informal shots of a group of friends, as a photographer, it will be necessary to pose your subjects if you want your images to have a nice composition. I always find posing my subjects challenging, especially when am called in to shoot in the last minute without having had time to meet and interact with them.

As a result, I wanted to create a small posing guide that would be of help, not only to me but, to anybody who faces the same challenges as I do.

Here are a few poses for a large number of people, a group of friends, and family members.

1. This pose works when working with a large group of people. Here, the idea is to have the whole group looking like a single object.

2.  For your shots to have that formal or documentary look, compose in full height.  Simply get everyone visible like this.

3. Shooting from an elevated angle to get a higher viewpoint can give your shots a more interesting and inviting perspective.

4. This composition works best for a small team shot such as a music band or a small team of co-workers. Place a known leader in front for even stronger composition.

5. This a standard, ordinary, and common way to pose a group of friends.  It always works, so I had to put it in as well.

6. This is another fun pose. Get everyone lean their heads slightly closer and towards the camera while standing very close together. You are going to love this shot, and so will they.

7.  Have the group form a circle while lying on the ground. Shoot from above. This will make for a killer shot.

8. For this shot, choose a “group leader” and put him or her in front. The others can then join in one by one while standing behind the previous person peeking towards the camera over the shoulder while supporting themselves a little on the person directly in front to add cordiality to your composition.

9. For this composition, put a “group leader” in front while others appear behind each other. Shooting with different apertures for a variety of focus points makes for interesting shots.

Here is a slight variation of the previous one. For this shot. check that everybody is clearly visible and shoot from a close distance with a wide aperture. Focus on the first person and ensure people further away are blurred to create an interesting and unusual looking group shot.

10.This pose works great for a group of friends or family members. Ask the group to make a jump after a short run.

11. Here are some family shots you can try out as well.


And here is video:

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VIDEO: 8 Powerful Video Statistics in 2014

As the popularity of video continues to grow, it is becoming more important than ever for marketers to develop an engaging online video marketing strategy to capitalize on the this type of content.

Here is a look at 8 video statistics that I found compelling and that should help you make that important jump into video marketing.



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VIDEO: What You Can Do with a 2-Camera Interview

One of the most effective ways to reach an audience is to shoot an interview. An interview lets your fans into your world by what you say, and when done right, it can be a great piece of content for your website and YouTube page.

I have been going through different interviews online with some of my favorite being from VIBE Magazine. These interviews are set up using just 2 cameras, a closeup and a middle shot. They use 3-point lighting and are shot with a black background. This is a very simple, yet effective, interview setup that I plan to replicate for my upcoming interviews. Post-production work includes mixing pictures and videos with the interview to create emotion and keep the audience focused.

Check out the VIBE Magazine Nas interview below:



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Why Use Video Marketing for Business


Life has become fast and busy and people have become more web savvy on the Internet. Video is where your customers are spending time.Video is the latest trend and is only getting bigger and bigger.

Here are some stats about video you should know:

1. A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.

2. The chances of getting page one listing on Google Search increase by 53% with video.

3. On average, a visitor will stay 2 minutes longer when they watch a video.

4. 65% visit the website after viewing a video and make purchase decisions.

5. By 2017 video will be 90% of all Internet traffic.

6. 87% of online marketers use videos.

7. Over 1 billion unique visits on YouTube every month.

8. 87% of social media users follow their brand’s videos.

9. Posts with video links will attract 3x more visitors.

10. Online videos are 100% more social engaging.

11. Video marketing can get you 46% more conversion lift.

12. There is 139% more brand impact using videos.

Is your brand producing online videos? If not, start now.

Consumers are watching them, following them, and making purchase decisions based on them. Remember, your competition is already doing this and are likely behind them if you not.

We are experts in creating online videos. If you are looking to get the best out of your website, YouTube, Facebook, and all the other platforms where your potential customers are interacting, talk to us.




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