A Photoshoot with a Mum and Her Kids

A fun photoshoot of a mum and her kids. We only had one location to try out different shots and we got them just right.

Check them out.

Xiya and the mum



Don’t you worry child, see heaven gotta plan for you


A mum deep in thought


Am young and happy

What a wonderful world!



In awe!


Mum Xiya looking out for her child

It was a hot noon day and I had to try as much as possible to reduce the impact of hard light on the faces. Shooting with direct sunlight creates shadows that are difficult to remove entirely in post-production. However, when you shoot in RAW, it becomes much easier to edit in Lightroom or some other software.

Unfortunately, I forgot to set the images to RAW and I had challenging time in post-production. It took a while, but I managed to get back what I had lost during the shoot.

All’s well that ends well, I guess.


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Nairobi Cultural Festival – National Museums

I had a great time at the second Nairobi Cultural Festival that brought together people from different cultures and backgrounds. The place was parked with foreigners and locals alike showcasing their products, cultures, and enjoying what was on display.

I got to enjoy exotic food and got to meet people from different cultures. Check out the pics below:

A Sunny Day to enjoy the cuisine and meet new people.


My plate of the Botswana Ox Tongue cuisine. Yummy!!


This is a veggie pizza. Enticing indeed.


The Yakitori looked yummy as well and the chef was very welcoming.


The Yakitori burning on the stove


This is the Indonesian version of the Yakitori



Met these beautiful Botswanian women and we had a fun photo shoot


Proud to be Botswanian




Ancient Artifacts surrounded us


What a fulfilling day. I was simply out to take a few photos but it ended up being a blast and lots of fun.

I look forward to the third Nairobi Cultural Festival, and hopefully, meet more people.


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