Africa Blockchain Conference 2018 – A Trip to Kampala featuring President Yoweri Museveni

As we continue for the push towards blockchain and crypto adoption, we got an opportunity to visit ‘The Pearl of Africa,” Kampala, Uganda, to cover and document the Africa Blockchain Conference there.

Part of our work included doing interviews with founders, speakers, and attendees at the much-hyped event. The guest speaker for the event was the president of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, ChangPeng Zhao, CEO, Binance, the largest crypto exchange in the world, and the Governor, Bank of Uganda.

We were able to get some very good footage of activities including plenty of interviews.

You can sample some of the videos from our trip below:


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VIDEO: Aion Network Chief Strategist Talks Broader Company Vision while in Kenya

The Blockchain ecosystem is growing fast and we’re seeing many blockchains and blockchain use cases coming up. Despite this progress however, a problem exists:

The Interoperability problem.

You see all these blockchains are currently fragmented and living in silos. There is sharing of resources or communication between the different blockchains. As a result, we end up going back to the same problem that blockchains were meant to solve – centralization of resources and data.

The Aion Solution to the Interoperability Problem

The First Aion Network Meetup at the Nailab

While on recent visit to Kenya, Matt Spoke, the founder of the Aion Network, spoke about the solution the company is looking to solve when it comes to connecting blockchains.

Sam Pajot, the Chief of Strategy, Aion Network, extended this thought and showed that the Aion project is looking to solve a much bigger problem than we previously thought.

According to the strategist:

“We believe that there’s gonna be multiple blockchains that are going to exist – not necessarily major three to major five – there will be industry-specific blockchains, user-specific blockchains, and maybe purpose-specific blockchains for particular applications. We see the design of an interoperable ecosystem to be kind of across all these networks.”

As a result, the company is looking to connect with as many projects across the world as possible. The global need for interoperability down the line makes such partnerships and collaborations essential.

In Kenya, Aion Network has been collaborating with the EOS Nairobi team to see how the EOS developers can plug into the Aion Network and develop projects that cut across the different blockchains with the help of Aion.

We are happy to partner with Aion Network and EOS Nairobi in these initiatives to grow the Blockchain community in Kenya.

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Interview with Matt Spoke – Founder, Aion Network

As Blockchain adoption across the globe continues to pick up, we’re seeing many companies looking to grow their developer communities across the African continent. Most recently, we had chat with the founder and CEO of Aion Network, a blockchain startup that seeks to solve the problem of segregated blockchains.

In this discussion we delved deep into current challenges facing blockchains and how Aion is trying to solve this problem using what are called blockchain bridges. These bridges help connect different blockchains across different networks enabling the sharing of resources and value.

Check out the full interview below:

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Creating Cinemagraphs in Kenya for the Adele Dejak Brand

Cinemagraphs have bee around since 2010. However, not many people are aware of them since they are not widely adopted. This however does not mean that they less effective in marketing. Cinamagraphs in Kenya is also a new concept that is yet to pick up.

Cinemagraphs are a new kind of content type that combines both pictures and videos.

With social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram offering support for cinemagraphs, we’re increasingly seeing innovative brands and companies leveraging cinemagraphs to bring a new approach and create interesting in their products and services. Cinemagraphs have become powerful ways of separating yourself from mainstream approaches when it comes to digital marketing.

I undertook my first major project in developing cinemagraphs in Kenya for a big fashion brand recently. Adele Dejak is a brand that prides itself in first-class Ankara jewelry for the high-end market. The goal was to create cinemagraphs and position the brand more boldly in markets across Africa and beyond.

Here’s a look at some of the work we’ve done so far in the cinematography space:

As you can see from above, the response and feedback was overwhelming and effectively helped build engagement and raise more awareness on the brand.

The above cinemagraph was also similarly engaging.

As you can see, cinemagraphs offer a different and unique approach to brand marketing, advertising, and promotion online. It is the new marketing approach on digital.

As a digital marketer, whether in Kenya or abroad, developing cinemagraphs is one of the more effective approaches that you should be undertaking now.

David Gitonga is a digital marketer and video specialist helping brands leverage the power of the web and visual media to build engagement and market their products and services. You can reach him via email at You can also follow him on Twitter @davgit

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On Location: The Ndakaini Half Marathon 2017

The finish line after the 21-kilometer stretch with Njoroge

I love to travel and no doubt, this assignment was one of the more interesting ones I undertook. It also happened to be my first marathon event to attend and cover.

The Ndakaini Half-Marathon takes place every year in the third quarter of the year. Runners undertake a 21-kilometer stretch on the picturesque and mountainous region of Central Kenya in Murang’a County.

As a result of the tough terrain, it also happens to be the second most-toughest marathon in the world!

Some of the marathon legends who participated in the marathon included Lucy Kabuu, Catherine Ndereba, and Daniel Kormen, all of who have gained international recognition in winning world marathons like the Boston, Berlin, and London marathons.

All in all, it was a great experience, both in terms of documenting, and in participating in this exciting event.

Check out the video below:


David Gitonga is a content marketing specialist. He creates visual content for websites, social, and YouTube. He helps businesses leverage new media to grow their brand and build authority on the Internet. You can find him on his Twitter handle @davgit or reach him via email at

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The Kenya Fashion Awards 2017

Inline image 2
The Kenya Fashion Awards (KFA) 2017 which took place on Saturday at the Norfolk Hotel were definitely one of the more memorable fashion events in Kenya for 2017.
The event MC for the night was the beautiful Sheila Mwanyigha who took us through the different designs showcased by the different fashion houses, both at home and abroad.
Local celebrities in attendance included Kalekye Mumo, Ian Mbugua, and Polycarp Otieno aka Fancy Fingers of Sauti Sol among others.
The new designs and exotic looks and feels that were showcased on the runway were not only colorful and creative, but they also included an African touch. Of particular interest to me was the Maasai colors and beardwork that got all in attendance excited.
It is never a fashion event without winners. Among the winners at the event included:
  • Couture Magazine – Magazine with the best fashion segment
  • Standard Newspaper – Newspaper with the best fashion segment
  • Vivo Activewear – Fashion brand of the year
  • Tintseh – Fashion Photographer of the year
  • Sunshine Balogun the makeup artist
  • Joy Kendi – Fashion blogger of the year
  • Adele Dejak – Jewelery / Accessories designer of the year
KFA recognizes different categories and each category has different criteria. Some of the categories include students, upcoming, emerging and established. The criteria are different for every category. 
Among the sponsors at this year’s Kenya Fashion Awards included: Moet and Chandon, Canon Kenya and Trace Mziki.
Check out the event video below:

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The TechCrunch Battlefield Africa 2017 Event – #TCBattlefield

Inline image 1
What an event Techcrunch Battlefield 2017 was!
This was the first event of its kind to be held in the continent by TechCrunch, one of the largest digital media publishers and tech companies in the world. The event was sponsored by the social media network, Facebook.
The event saw top TechCrunch journos and editors visit the country, most for the first time, and interact with the developer community here and learn about tech and startups in the region. They were also on hand to teach and train startups on how to pitch to investors.
Among the event highlights included panels of investor judges. 15 startups from across the continent, got an opportunity to pitch their ideas in front of these investors with the winning startup, Lori Systems, a startup from Kenya, winning $25, 000, a trip for 2 to California, and an opportunity to pitch their startup for more investment sometime next year in San Franscisco.
Inline image 2
According to the VP for Platforms at Facebook, Ime Archibong, ” Facebook is stoked to partner with TechCrunch to bring their Startup Battlefield to Africa. TechCrunch Startup Battlefield Africa 2017 is a wonderful platform for the 15 African startups tackling local and global problems, to share their visions with the global tech community.”
Inline image 3
TechCrunch Battlefields are held in different cities in North America and until recently started to be held across different parts of the globe. Nairobi, Kenya, was chosen as the first destination to hold the event in Africa due to its position in the region, infrastructure, and the fact that there’s already an existing developer community.
Check out the video highlight of the event here:

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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Photoshoot with Melvin’s Tea

Melvin's Tea Photoshoot. Check out our YouTube for the BTS video

Posted by E-LABZ Photography on Friday, October 6, 2017

We got an opportunity to work with the Melvin’s Tea brand on their product photoshoot for their new website.

The shoot included on location office shoot and a studio shoot, both of which took place on the same day. We were able to deliver the product shots of various looks and feel. We also got to undertake creative shots of the tea packages in order to bring out an office feel and look to the product.

As you can see from the BTS video below, each product required a different feel and look in order to capture client expectations and requirements, which we did successfully.

Check out this behind the scenes video of the shoot:

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Interview with Nyashinski

Interview coming soon on Kenyanvibe

Posted by E-LABZ Photography on Friday, October 6, 2017

We’ve always enjoyed working on projects with KenyanVibe, and this time, it was no different. We had always wanted to interview the popular Kenyan singer, Nyashinski, and all too often, the opportunity would never suffice, until now.

A short notice from the Anyiko PR afforded us an opportunity to interview this artist at the Radisson Blu Hotel and we were not about to miss this chance.

The artist was calm and composed and enjoyed the interview. We also got an opportunity to ask those deep thought-provoking questions that you rarely get to hear from mainstream or other media outlets. It is always fun and interesting to interview people and we got exactly what we wanted out of the man himself, Nyashinski – Now You Know.

Check out the teaser interview below:


Look out for full interview, coming soon.


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Coke Studio 2017 Edition Premiers

Coke Studio Africa’s premier was, as always, quite the glamorous experience. Held on Sunday the 10th of September, the exclusive premier was hosted at Kiza lounge, Nairobi, celebrating the 2017 edition of the Pan-African music show.

Becky Sangolo and Caroline Wangari both of The Band BECA perform at the party.

Dela, The Band BeCa, DNG, Amina Abdi Rabar, Miss Kibati and Pinky Chaggar we were among the celebrities and affluent persons present. Coca Cola Executives were of course also present, along with the Coke Studio band and production crew.

This year’s show will comprises 11 one-hour episodes and the globe is looking forward to the world-class collaborations that will take place during this season. Coke Studio Africa  is now in its fifth year and still features the best of Kenyan music and talent collaborating with equally talented artists from other counties. The Kenyan artists queued to feature this year include Khaligraph Jones, Nyashinski, the award-winning Sauti Sol, Avril and the new talk of the town, The Band BeCa.

Head of Sales and Marketing at Little, Maureen Chege, Coke Studio Project Manager, Andrew Alovi and Singer, Dela.

Something to look forward to are the collaborations that will not only be make on the Coke Studio Africa stage but also off stage. Last year we got ‘Unconditionally Bae’ by Sauti Sol and Alikiba, Nakupenda by Nyashinski and Yemi Alade as well as ‘Tulia Tu’ by King Kaka and Pantsula from South Africa.

The show premiered this week on Citizen TV at 8:00 pm and will run every Sundays till 10th December 2017.

As always, it was a pleasure covering the event.

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