Highlights From The Blockchain For Business Breakfast And How DLBRT Wants To Bring Change

February 24, 2019 || davidgit

Friday Morning, 22nd February, DLBRT pulled off the Building A FrameWork Programme Breakfast at Strathmore University. DLBRT which is pronounced as Deliberate, have decided to deep their feet in the superficial waters of blockchain. Since the introduction of crypto-currency, people all over the world are weary of the term blockchain and some still preach against to-date.

It’s a revolution, and pretty soon people are to want to deep their feet. Seeing as not to so many people are interested anything to do with blockchain or crypto-currency, the attendance was frustrating. However, Amos, founder DLBRT managed to bring forth his framework and he did so with a strong, compelling, and amazing Panelist.

The most pleasant thing about the breakfast session was how well DLBRT selected their panelists. With someone from the government, to a practitioner, an Academia, someone from finance as well as the IT department. They were,

  • The keynote Speaker was Micheal Onyango from the Ministry of ICT, Distributed Ledgers and A.I Taskforce.
  • Beatrice Wambugu entrepreneur and owner of Betty’s Place Restaurant that accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment.
  • Robert Muthuri- Research fellow CIPIT Strathmore School of Law
  • Ezekiel Macharia – Chief Actuary, Kenbright Holdings
  • Amos Mburu- Founder DLBRT

Micheal Onyango urged people to look into the bigger picture of emerging technology. His positive attitude towards blockchain makes him more open-minded than most figures in the government. He feels that blockchain could really be used in the education, health, security, land, and finance sectors.

He thinks that as a country, we must be condescend about what’s happening around us, which struck a prompt when he let us know that Kenya wasn’t even in the Top 6 list of East Africa. He urged those in attendance to stop pushing for regulation and put that out of our composition. He asked, “How Is it that we want to use blockchain in Kenya to create more opportunities?”

With a Blockchain Framework Programme in place, more and more people can open themselves up towards learning more about what it’s all about. By learning and embracing that crypto-currency is here to stay and we might just jump on it with there is more room.

Here are some of the quotes from other speakers on the panelist list that resonated with me:

“Accept that cryptocurrency is here and its time to adopt it” – Beatrice Wambugu

‘I think that when the government gives us confidence in a way that makes people less biased towards block chain” – Robert Muthuri

“It starts by us trusting ourselves, us trusting each other and then letting computers bind us. The question is, how can we launch this without killing ourselves? ” – Ezekiel Macharia

I think DLBRT might just help people tackle blockchain once the framework course is up and running.

The real question here is, how open-minded are you?