Shamsi Music Thrilling Performance at Jazz Attitude 2

July 25, 2017 || davidgit

Following their successful album launch, Shamsi Music were back at it again, this time, at The Alchemist, for the second edition of Jazz Attitude.

It would be a night of Jazz and Electronic fusion that featured other bands like Maad Orchestra, Swahili Jazz, and other amazing musicians and bands.

As usual, Shamsi Music took the stage with vigour as they got the crowd excited with their soulful jams. As you can expect, most of their tracks came from their recently released album, The Audition, which has gotten very positive response since its launch.

Some of the songs the band played included the audience favorite, Murata, Nthenya, the love song, Elephants Parade, featuring a story by the band Saxophonist Laka, and Baby Baby cover done by the amazing and talented Kendi Nkonge.

Attending a performance by Shamsi is literary a glimpse of heaven. You can tell from their performance that they have skillfully developed focused behavior, self-discipline, communication skills, fluency of professional sound vocabulary and teamwork.

From doing covers to performing at the Safaricom Jazz festival, this reknowned Jazz band now has an album out. Their growth has sought to ensure that their sound is nothing but authentic.

For me, Jazz is individual and personal. I believe it requires time, focus, listening, preparation, repetition, and more. The best kind of Jazz happens in groups and Shamsi is the perfect ensemble. The band members have come together to play music, each with a personal command of their instruments and voice to the ensemble which has established a level of repertoire and artistry for them.

I definitely look forward to the next performance and more great music from the band.

About Shamsi

Shamsi music is an instrumental jazz fusion band from Nairobi, Kenya, which prides itself in creating memorable musical experiences that capture the heart, mind and soul.

These six guys complement each other and have in a way ensured that playing music together is fun. Their collaboration brings up qualities and reactions that one can’t experience alone.

Paul Mbithi has control of his Keyboard like I’ve never seen before, he makes sound that blends with the group. He is the epitome of a Keyboard Guru.

Laka Waithaka, is the saxophone whiz as well as the perfect crowd sensation. Laka has just the words to get the crowd hooked on their sound. It’s next to impossible to get bored with Laka constantly ensuring that you are part of the sound.

Kenn ‘Biggie’ Njoroge is very distinctly aware of his role in the band. He has mastered the interpersonal elements of performing with his band. His drumming moves you from afar. His energy on the drums is a sensation and a delight to watch.

Immanuel Mohol, is the guitar marvel. His sound pushes boundaries, he breeds freedom of expression and personal choice.

George Nyoro, multi-instrumentalist, has mastered the use of music vocabulary,  instrumentation, and form.

Finally, Michael Munene makes sounds unheard before and identifies ways to breathe new life into standard repertoire using his bass guitar.

Shamsi Music interpret music, share original ideas, and use their artistic and intellectual imagination to play jazz. Their new album, The Audition is clear evidence of what they can do and how personal their touch is.

To purchase their latest album, The Audition, check out their website:

You can also find them on social media platforms, YouTube and Facebook @Shamsi Music, Twitter and Instagram @ShamsiMusicKE


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