The Internet is Changing

September 5, 2016 || davidgit

The Internet is changing at a rapid rate. Just 10 years ago, most of us probably didn’t own a smartphone and we definitely never had a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account. Some probably didn’t even have an email account. Today, it’s difficult to imagine living without any of these tools.

It can correctly be assumed then that 10 years from now, you’ll likely own tools or website resources that do not exist at present. The Internet will be a more mature place and likely a lot of our lives and properties will live online.

Running a business has also changed. You now need a website and social media presence to attract and retain customers. While these tools may be important 10 years from now, the game could also change and new tools and resources may be required to keep your business relevant.

Social is Changing

Over the last few years, the most dramatic changes that have happened online are largely in the way people consume content online. Social networks have become go-to sources of news information and for letting customers know of new offers, promotions, or new stock.

Social continues to change in other ways and we can expect more changes to come. Increasingly, the trend has been towards creating more visual on social sites. Videos have become an almost necessity if you want to noticed on a newsfeed or timeline.

Live video feeds and updates have also started to appear on newsfeeds and timelines of many social networks. This is a good indication of how user behaviour is changing on social.

Devices are Changing

A few years ago, almost everybody owned a desktop computer. Today, a laptop is just as good and better. But even more importantly, is the rise of mobile in the current Internet age. More than half of all devices connected to the Internet are smartphones.

This shift in mobile device use has also affected how people consume content. Mobile devices have small screens and multi-purpose. They also enable notifications on a more personal level. This multi-level use means that content is consumed quickly and with less concentration. The more visual it is, the higher the chances that it will be seen and acted upon.

Search is Changing

Google has almost become synonymous with the Internet. Billions are conducted every single day. However, how search is done has also changed dramatically over the last few years. Search engines have also quickly changed to accommodate the changing search behaviors.

Searches are now increasingly done on mobile and are becoming very specific. People want specific answers to specific questions. Searches are also increasingly happening around events and news happenings. As a result, there are search results for news content as well as ever-green content. Social content has also been integrated into search results which make it even more important as a news outlet.

As the above examples show, the current Internet is changing rapidly and will continue to do so. As a business, you need to adapt and ensure you meet the changing needs of your consumers. It means creating new content types and hiring the right staff to keep your business relevant.

The market is the market. It will not change for you. Rather, the change needs to come from you. The faster you can adapt to changing consumer needs, the better your chances of survival in your market.