Netflix is Now Available in Kenya

January 7, 2016 || davidgit

Neflix coming to a screen near you

It used to be that if you wanted to watch a movie or a TV show, you either had to purchase a DVD or simply get what was being aired on TV.

Not anymore!

With the rise of broadband Internet and with most preferring to create their own entertainment and pay for it, we have seen the rise of streaming services take over the movie industry with recent nominations and awards at the Emmy’s going to online shows like House of Cards.

Netflix has been at the forefront of streaming movies and TV shows, but it was only limited to the United States, until now. The company recently announced that is now available in 130 countries making it easy to access and stream its award-winning shows and movies on a monthly-subscription.

Neflix now in Kenya

Kenya is one of the countries where Netflix is now available and can be accessed on a monthly subscription. You can now get to enjoy all House of Cards, Arrested Development, DareDevil, Orange is the New Black, Marco Polo among other popular shows.

Speaking at the CES 2016, The Chief Content Office at Netflix, Ted Sarandos, announced the company’s goal to go global with the intention of localization some shows. According to Sarandos, some of the shows are not engineered to be global but organically become global like House of Cards and Suits, which further amplifies the need for a global television platform. Thanks to the Internet, all the constraints of traditional television are falling away, one by one, and Netflix is at the forefront in changing how entertainment is distributed.

Monthly plans start from US$7.99 with a free month when you sign up to get a feel of what’s in store.

Streaming services like Netflix and their move to target global audiences is just one of the many reasons why multimedia content on the Web is going to define the next decade in how we consume content online.


By David Gitonga

David Gitonga is an online marketing and video expert helping brands and businesses leverage the Internet  and Internet video to grow their business and build brand authority.