The Truth About Graphics on Your Web Pages

September 9, 2015 || davidgit

I have always enjoyed the work of David Ogilvy, the offline marketing legend credited with many of today’s successful marketing strategies. What he discovered about advertising and marketing has been replicated by many successful companies across the web.

Below is a breakdown of some of his proven tactics in the world of visual media that can help you know how to better use images in your content for maximum engagement.

1. Placement Matters and it Matters A Lot

Have you ever wondered where an image ought to be placed in an article? It is very interesting that the natural sequence of reading usually involves a specific order. When you see an article, we begin by first looking at an image, then we scan the headline and then we read the body copy if the headline is interesting enough.

Therefore, an image placed below a headline will have less readers than one placed above a headline. 

2. Captions Get Read a lot More than Body Copy

Did you know that captions under images are read on average 300 percent more than the body copy itself? Therefore, using or not using captions could mean losing or engaging a huge number of potential readers.

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To make the best use of captions, include your brand name and your promise. Encapsulate the central purpose of the page itself in your caption to make the most use of this brief attention.

3. Watch Out for the Left Margin

When you read an article, you rely on the left margin as an anchor to give your eyes a place to return. It has been shown that it would be exceptionally difficult to follow text when with a broken left margin.

As a result, never place images to your left margin. This will break your reader’s flow and force them to readjust. Instead, always align the images on the right margin. If you are clever enough, you can let copy flow around images in an arty way.



Every image must be worth its page weight in gold. Don’t force images into context simply because they look good or because you cannot afford to hire a photographer to take unique shots. You are better off not using images at all. Try to use images with a story appeal above your headlines and that demonstrate in your copy. Anything less will simply distract from your website or blog copy.


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