Advanced Video Features Coming to Facebook

January 8, 2015 || davidgit


  In a move seen to encourage businesses to upload more video content directly onto Facebook, the company has started rolling out video-centric features for business pages that look very familiar – yes like YouTube channels. The new look and feel comes with a feature video option and the ability to create video playlists – I told you it looks and feels familiar.

Recently, it was announced that for the first time ever, Facebook page owners are uploading more videos directly to Facebook than they are sharing from YouTube. This will likely go up and result to Facebook carving off a huge slice of YouTube audience, most of which are known to share what they see on Facebook.

Whether these new features will encourage more page owners to upload more video content or encourage more video content consumption remains to be seen. One thing we can be sure is that video content upload on Facebook will continue to grow.

Is your brand or business ready to leverage this trend? Have you started creating videos for your page? If not, now is the time to get started.



David Gitonga